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Maybe Amazon owes you more money in refunds than you think!



Lost Goods


Go beyond impersonal, automated and limited FBA reimbursements!
Amazon deals with the processing of millions of products on a daily basis. Errors in inventory management are inevitable. However, it is catastrophic for your business to miss out on getting back your goods or your money from the company, especially when it’s not your fault!
Never miss out on getting your rightful refunds anymore!

Lost Goods

Do you have goods that have been lost in transit or are misplaced at the Fulfillment Center? Our experts manually comb through every report in detail to pinpoint the items displaced and figure out reimbursement opportunities thereof.

Damaged Goods

If your goods at the Fulfillment Centre are damaged, or are returned damaged to you by Amazon, our teams help you get a swift resolutions.

Returned Goods

Goods returned by the customer, damaged or destroyed to FBA, compensation provided to the customer but not to the seller by Amazon, returned goods lost in transit to the seller, are all cases
FBA Shipment Discrepancy
When the number of confirmed units shipped to Amazon by you does not correspond to the storage and processing number received by their warehouse you record this under your losses. We file a case on your behalf proving to Amazon - this shipment discrepancy is not your fault and you are entitled to get a refund for missing units. We’re really that persuasive.

Why Trust Digital Dissect

We’ve Got Your Back!
With 10 years of industry know-how under our belt, we know what an inventory reconciliation request needs to be 100% compliant. The Digital Dissect touch ensures your refund request gets the right attention from Amazon. Trust us, we know the drill!
Reconciliation Warriors Available 24x7​
Why waste your time following up with Amazon every day, on your rightful inventory reconciliation requests when you can be doing much better things with your time? Work with Digital Dissect to be 100% Amazon TOS compliant and get your money back,FASTER! ​
Effective, Customized Applications
Follow ups with Amazon for FBA reconciliations can be time consuming and frustrating. Digital Dissect works towards effective and swift resolutions for you so that you can focus on what’s important: Getting hassle free refunds for your goods.
Attention to Detail, Handcrafted Reports and Super Accurate Requests Available 24x7
There is a huge amount of data hidden within your FBA inventory transactions that Amazon shares with you.We comb through every detail to analyze the exact amount owed to you in terms of refunds.
Jaw Dropping Prices!
All these services at just $199! or 10% of the total refund amount
We’re serious. Choose your preferred payment mode and let’s get started!

Ready to get a detailed analysis of what Amazon owes you?